book bus

THE BOOK BUS - Philipsburg Jubilee Library on wheels brings books closer to community

The ‘book bus’ satellite branch of the Philipsburg Jubilee library (PJL) is a blessing for anyone who loves to read and could benefit from easier access to reading materials, especially now that COVID-restrictions limit the number of people allowed in the library. The vehicle no longer runs but the interior was refurbished and now serves as a mini library. The book bus is located on the campus of Asha Stevens Hillside Christian School in Cay Hill. This initiative was funded through the Resources 4 Community Resilience Project, financed by the Government of The Netherlands and managed by the World Bank.

The air-conditioned bus offers a selection of books for toddlers, children, and young adults in English, Dutch, French, Spanish, and Papiamentu. It is PJL’s intention to open more satellite branches in Sint Maarten in the coming years. A public satellite library on or near the premises of the Belvedere Community Center is plannedfor May 2021 and will serve young and older residents of Belvedere, Dutch Quarter, and Middle Region.

In September 2017, Hurricane Irma devastated the PJL building in Philipsburg. The library is now temporarily housed in the Adolphus Richardson Building on W.A. Nisbeth Road. Through the Trust Fund, financing will also be made available for a new library building. Read more...