NGOs can apply for small grants through R4CR

  • The Resources 4 Community Resilience (R4CR) Project was launched in August 2020 to improve the capacity of Sint Maarten’s Civil Society Organizations and support reconstruction and resilience at the community level. It is financed by the Netherlands, managed by the World Bank, and implemented by VNG International.
  • R4CR awards small grants, training, and capacity building to local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and civil society organizations (CSOs). People on the ground often know best how to serve their community and swiftly implement grassroots initiatives. The impact of such programs can be significant for small communities and contribute to the wellbeing of the island population.
  • R4CR will launch 7 calls for proposals during the program implementation period (2020-2024) – under which activities by CSOs can be funded. During each round, organizations are invited to submit their project proposals to qualify for funding. Projects in the following categories and sectors will be reviewed:

    1.       Community Councils/Neighborhood initiatives;
    2.       Daycare Centers/ Afternoon School Programs & Activities;
    3.       Sports & Recreational Activities/Facilities;
    4.       Nature & Environment;
    5.       Art, Cultural, Archaeological and Heritage Activities;
    6.       Psycho-social and Emotional Support;
    7.       Poverty Relief;
    8.       Youth Employment/Entrepreneurship ;
    9.       Skills Development; and
    10.   Tackling Gender-based Violence


  • The first application round ended October 5th 2020. Stay tuned for information on the next calls for applications via and  For more details on the program, check out R4CR’s recent brief explainer video, above.